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If your head is throbbing, you’re not alone. Headaches are one of the most common pain conditions in the world, with 75% of adults experiencing one within the past year. The pain can be throbbing, sharp, or dull, and can be constant or intermittent. They are a major cause of missing work and school, and if you get them often, they can cause anxiety and depression. Headaches are usually one of two types. Primary headaches are those that happen for no identifiable reason, they just come on. Secondary headaches are related to other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, infection, trauma, allergies, etc. Primary headaches are common, and they often run in families. In fact, if one of your parents suffers from headaches (or migraines), you’re up to four times more likely to have them yourself. Although headaches are extremely common, they aren’t fully understood. Researchers think headaches result when the nerves over-react to a ‘trigger’.


They can come on unexpectedly or be caused by many factors (triggers) such
• Certain foods.
• Allergies.
• Secondhand smoke.
• Strong odors.
• Emotional stress.
• Medication use.
• Other factors.


The over-reacting nerves then send impulses to the blood vessels leading to chemical changes in the brain, which presents as headaches or migraines. A common cause of headaches is pressure on the nerves and blood vessels near the top vertebra of the spine called the atlas. When the atlas is displaced, it impinges on the major blood vessels feeding the brain. This pressure on the arteries and veins causes poor circulation in the brain, resulting in headaches.


At Atlas Clinics through our consultation and exam procedures, we will see if your atlas is out of position and if that may be causing your headaches. If we suspect that it is, we will take specifically targeted digital X-rays and run them through spinal engineering software to determine what we can do to correct the misaligned atlas. Once we’ve determined your required correction, a painless Atlas procedure will move the atlas back into its proper place. This, in turn, helps correct and improve the flow of blood to the brain, resulting in decreased headaches. If you or someone you know is suffering from headaches, call Atlas Clinics today to schedule a free consultation. The results may be life-changing!