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Herniated and Bulging Discs

Herniated and Bulging Disc

Do you have neck pain or low back pain? Numbness or tingling in your hands or legs? Severe pain upon standing up or getting out of bed? Sciatica?


You may be suffering from a herniated and bulging disc.


A herniated and bulging disk, often referred to as a ‘herniated disk’ is a problem with one of the rubbery cushions (discs) that sit between the bones (vertebrae) that make up your spine. These discs separate and cushion the bones, and they also create space between the vertebra for the nerves to come out from the spine.


A herniated disc occurs when the disc itself, or parts of the disc, slip out of position and put pressure on the nerves that are near it. This may cause back pain and possible neuropathy (damage or dysfunction of one or more nerves), which presents as pain, numbness, or weakness in your arms or legs that those nerves supply.


Herniated discs usually affect one side of the body, but in some cases can affect both.


Most disc herniations are the result of gradual, age related wear and tear referred to as degeneration. As we age our discs lose some of their water content and become less cushioning and more prone to damage with even mild twisting or turning.


In younger patients most herniations are caused by an activity that causes trauma to the disc. These injuries are common in sports and activities that cause high strain on the back muscles, like shoveling snow.


Regardless of the cause of your herniation, the treatment goal is to return balance to the body and spine in order to take pressure off of the nerves.


Once you have a herniation, your body sends signals from your brain, through the atlas (the top bone of your spine), and down to the muscles to try to take pressure off of the disc, relieve pain, and restore the spine to its proper position.


Unfortunately, in many people, the atlas bone is also out of position, which puts strain on the nerves. This results in a decreased ability for the brain and nerves to correct the spine, and the symptoms of the herniation remain. In some cases the condition worsens.


Atlas Clinics is a special chiropractic clinic which balances the neck over the rest of the spine by adjusting the atlas.


Once the atlas is back in its proper position, the nerve signals that pass through the atlas and the spinal canal are no longer restricted. They can then work at full capacity. The result is clear communication from the brain to the muscles and structures of the back, returning the spine to its proper position and minimizing the herniation.


At Atlas Clinics, our consultation and examination will determine if there is any nerve signal restriction due to atlas displacement. If we determine that there is, we will take specialized digital X-rays images, which we will run through spinal engineering software, to determine where your atlas is and where it needs to be.


We will then apply a high-tech, painless, sound-wave-based adjustment to the atlas, returning it to its proper position. Once the communication between the brain and the back is fully restored, healing can begin.


If you have sciatica or think you might have a herniated and bulging disc, you should set up a free consultation with Atlas Clinics for evaluation before your pain increases and your back concerns get worse. The results may be life changing!