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Migraines and the Spine

JOA Fitness host Joa Rivas interviews Dr. Pecoraro regarding headaches and migraines, how they affect us, and how Atlas is leading the way in their treatment. 

The Atlas Program

Dr. Steven Brownstein interviews Dr. Pierce and Dr. Pecoraro regarding the Atlas Program – what it is, what it does, and how it’s transforming chiropractic healthcare.

Concussion Management

Once again, Dr. Pecoraro joins Joa Rivas on JOA Fitness to discuss the complexities of brain injury and how the Atlas program can help manage and treat it. Get to know the EPIC Technique with Dr. Ernest Pecoraro.

Pain and the Upper Cervical Spine

Get to know with the EPIC Technique with Dr. Ernest Pecoraro.

What is EPIC Technique?

I had the pleasure of talking about EPIC Technique as a healing therapy for spinal issues and, more specifically, for headaches, concussions, and TMJ pain.


How Atlas Realignment of Your Spine Promotes Peak Body Performance

TMJ and your Brain



Dr. Daniel Hulsey & Dr. Samantha Carney share their journey to open a State of the Art Soundwave healing clinic in Pompano Beach, FL