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Struggling with Sciatica Pain? Atlas Clinics Has the Pain Free Solution

If you have ever struggled with pain from sciatica, then you know the life altering symptoms that go along with this.  Stemming from the sciatic nerve, the pain can extend through your lower back, hips, and even buttocks. 



This type of sciatic nerve pain can significantly impact your quality of life, limiting mobility and leaving you in chronic pain.  Having worked with patients struggling from sciatica pain for over 42 years, Atlas Clinics has a unique, patented treatment for pain caused by the sciatic nerve.



Sciatica can potentially cause permanent nerve damage. Seek immediate attention if you have the following:

  • Loss of feeling in the affected leg.
  • Weakness in the affected leg.
  • Loss of bowel or bladder function.


Confusion regarding sciatica symptoms

Many people with sciatica don’t understand why they start experiencing pain from tasks such as lifting light objects or after having bent down.


In light of the fact that the spine has been off-balance for so long, the discs in the spine on one side start to carry more weight and pressure than those on the other side. This causes an overabundance of stress on those discs.


Over time, the tissues of the disc buckle and cause a bulge or herniation. This results in pressure on the nerves in the lower back that make up the sciatic nerve.



Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain Using Revolutionary Sound-wave Adjustments

The cause of sciatica pain is an unbalanced spine.  Over time this can cause a herniated disc, bone spur on the spine, or narrowing of the spine known as spinal stenosis.  These problems can compress part of the nerve in your spine, leading to the sciatica pain. 



Atlas Clinics is a specialized Chiropractic Clinic which balances the neck over the rest of the spine. We do this by adjusting the top vertebra, called the atlas, with a painless sound-wave. The entire body then rebalances itself and the pressure is taken off of the damaged tissue. 



The Atlas Adjustment is proven to be effective in treating sciatica, giving patients relief from this chronic and debilitating pain.  Following this chiropractic treatment, patients often have immediate lessening of the pain, which continues to improve over time as the damaged tissues heal.



The Atlas Adjustment is the most precise way for manipulating the spine to target the underlying problem, giving patients relief from pain caused by the sciatic nerve.  Already revolutionizing the world of chiropractic, Atlas Clinics is happy to offer this painless treatment for sciatica pain at their locations in Palm Harbor, Florida, Pompano Beach, Florida and in Sea Girt, New Jersey. 



If you have been struggling with the pain and ongoing symptoms caused by sciatica, Atlas Clinics has a pain-free solution that could help you to reclaim your life and get back to doing the things that you enjoy.