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Treating the Pain and Discomfort Caused by TMJ Disorder

TMJ, temporomandibular joint, is named for the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull.  When the joint is not functioning properly it can cause significant discomfort that can be seen in a variety of symptoms. 


Pain in this area can be caused by teeth grinding, stress, injury, trauma, or TMJ disorder.  These can manifest themselves as pain in the neck or face, a tightness in the jaw muscles, locking of the jaw, and many other symptoms occurring in the facial area. 


The treatment of TMJ can vary from self-care such as eating soft foods and jaw stretching exercises to medication and physical therapy.  ATLAS CLINICS offers unique treatment to relieve the painful symptoms that go along with TMJ.  These treatments can offer long-term relief for those suffering.



Causes of TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint allows your joint to open and close when you eat or speak, meaning that this joint gets plenty of use every day.  The causes of TMJ disorders are numerous from whiplash from an accident to teeth grinding and dental problems. 

This condition is more prevalent in women than men.  The sufferers often experience a pain or stiffness in the area with restricted movement that inhibits their everyday actions.  TMJ can also cause symptoms such as ringing in the ears known as tinnitus, vertigo, and chronic headaches.  These symptoms can occur on just one side of the face, or they can be over the entire facial area.



TMJ Treatments for Living Pain-Free

Depending on the cause of the TMJ discomfort, this may clear up on its own.  Self-treatments include using ice on the area to reduce any swelling, limiting the use of your jaw, and eating soft food.  Jaw stretching exercises can also help to improve mobility.  Over the counter medications can provide some relief from short-term symptoms. 



For TMJ discomfort that does not go away on its own, you will likely need physical therapy and other treatments to find relief.  This can include heating and cooling therapy, acupuncture, professional stretching of the jaw and facial area and resistance exercises.  These can all offer long-term relief for those suffering from TMJ pain.



ATLAS CLINICS has extensive experience helping patients suffering with TMJ pain.  Our team can help to diagnose the cause and provide a long-term plan to offer the patient relief from the symptoms caused by TMJ.