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Vertigo / Dizziness


If you often feel as if you are spinning or swaying, or as if objects around you are moving, you may be suffering from a form of dizziness known as vertigo. Vertigo may present as a mild sensation of instability causing slight balance issues or it may present so severe that you need to stop and support yourself. Often it is associated with symptoms ranging from mild nausea and sweating to vomiting and severe headaches. Balance related conditions, including vertigo, are common health concerns in adults. Studies show up to 40% of the population will experience balance issues at some point and they occur more often in women than in men.


The reason we experience these conditions is because the body’s vestibular system (a sensory system that is responsible for providing our brain with information about motion, head position, and spatial orientation), which regulates our balance, posture, and awareness of our surroundings, is out of sync. The primary parts of the vestibular system include the eyes, ears, and the brain stem. When one of these parts is damaged, affected by sickness, or out ofcommunication with the other parts, vertigo may occur.

The cause of vertigo ‘attacks’ is quite often unknown, but we do know that there is an association with conditions such as:

• Diabetes.
• Blood pressure issues.
• Vision problems.
• Ear problems.
• Heart concerns.
• Spinal issues.
• Meniere’s Disease (a disorder of the inner ear that can lead to dizzy spells, and
hearing loss).


One often overlooked, and common cause of vertigo, is the disruption of proper blood flow to the brain. When the blood supply is compromised it has a huge impact on all parts of the vestibular system. A primary cause of this blood disruption is malposition (wrong position) of the top bone in the spine, known as the atlas. When misaligned, the atlas pinches the arteries that supply blood flow to the brain, causing disruption, turbulence, and decreased blood flow to the vestibular system. At Atlas Clinics, we run specific tests to determine if the atlas is out of position and is a potential cause of your vertigo or balance issues.



If we determine the atlas is involved, we will take specifically targeted digital X-rays and run them through spinal engineering software to determine what we can do to put the atlas where it needs to be. Often, the resultant return of unimpeded blood flow to the brain and vestibular system will cause a decrease of or end to your vertigo symptoms. If you or someone you know is experiencing vertigo, call Atlas today to schedule a free consultation. The results may be life-changing!