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What is Eagle Syndrome?

Eagle Syndrome is caused by an elongated or calcified styloid process which is a pointed part of the temporal bone of the skull. It serves as an anchor point for several muscles associated with the tongue and throat. People suffering from Eagles Syndrome can experience difficulty swallowing, feeling of something stuck in the throat, ringing in the ears, neck or facial pain, headache, dizziness, and many other problems. It can be due to compression of the blood vessels going to the brain,neck and face. If the Atlas, the top bone in the spine is misaligned in a rotational way, part of the Atlas called the transverse process can squeeze arteries, veins and nerves between itself and an elongated styloid process. ATLAS CLINICS doctors are specially trained to spot an elongated styloid process on Xray. By also measuring rotation of the Atlas the doctor can diagnose and successfully treat Eagles Syndrome. Anyone experiencing symptoms like those in this article should get an evaluation at ATLAS CLINICS .

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