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What is your Atlas and why get it checked?

The Atlas is the uppermost bone of the spine and its important  that you, your family members, and friends have it checked for misalignment, even if you don’t have any physical problems or symptoms. Atlas misalignment may cause neurological damage that increases over time and doesn’t present symptoms until years later. At ATLAS CLINICS we’ve seen patients with severe migraines, jaw pain, and even sciatica and disc problems that were caused by accidents which occurred 20 years previously. In each case, the misalignment of the Atlas caused a change in the overall mechanical balance of the person leading to malfunctions of the nervous system and partial blockages of blood flow. Over years the damage compiled until the physical problems seemed to manifest for no reason.

Getting your Atlas Checked and Corrected can Prevent Damage and Physical Problems from ever Manifesting.

Quite often, when the Atlas is misaligned, the internal carotid artery and jugular vein may be partially impinged between the atlas and the styloid process, a protruberance of the temporal bone of the skull. This may lead to decreased blood flow to the brain and impeded removal of metabolic waste from the brain, which may lead to the early stages of strokes. An Atlas in its proper alignment helps maintain proper brain health.

At ATLAS CLINICS we can evaluate the position of your Atlas, identify any potential concerns, and make necessary corrections with the EPIC Technique.  So get yourself, your family, and your friends to get their Atlas checked . Call us for your appointment.

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